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About Us 

The ministry of Alimenta Mis Ovejas, Inc. (AMO) a nonprofit 501(c)3 corporation, was founded in the year 2000 by president, Susan Bautista, with the purpose to communicate through various forms of media, truths and tools necessary for health in spirit, soul, body, relationship and leadership.  We seek to challenge, equip and empower individuals and leaders to greater health and balance in their marriage, family, work and personal life. It’s our desire to share Truth that transforms and renew minds towards an every increasing revelation and realization of their unique identity and purpose in Christ. 

Luis and Susan met at the age of 30 and have been married for more than 23 years. They have two sons, two daughter-in-love’s and five grandchildren. Luis and Susan founded and pastored Iglesia Cordero de Dios in Arlington, Texas for 17 years and work with Gateway Church, Double Honor and other ministries, as well as leaders and international missionaries through the ministry of Alimenta Mis Ovejas, Inc. Their passion is to facilitate a revelation of the Truth that results in healthy individuals, families and transformed lives.

Luis was born in Honduras and arrived in the USA in 1990. Luis met and married Susan in 1996. Besides pastoring and ministering in other countries Luis is owner of Master Tilesetter L.L.C.  Luis is also a national presenter in Spanish for the National Tile Contractors Association bringing solutions and equipping in the tile installation industry. Luis loves people, has a strong gift of evangelism, and is always seeking opportunities to share the gospel and the love of God that has changed his life in a powerful way.

Susan grew up in Missouri and studied at John Brown University. Susan’s gifts are administration, teaching and organization including a capacity to design systems and processes to carry out projects. Susan loves and is passionate about learning, applying and sharing truth that results in vibrant health in body, soul and spirit not just for her but for everyone. Her passion for reading and writing has brought and will continue to bring revelation and light in a dark world. Susan’s passionate about the King and His Kingdom. She has great vision which motivates her to share with passion Truth that frees, heals and transforms lives with the Word of God.

Ways You Can Partner with Us

Our goal is to provide an extensive online equipping platform in both Spanish and English as a tool to disciple the nations. We facilitate pastor and leader retreats and training and provide training resources for ministries with limited resources.  The vision to see families healed and lives transformed in the power of God is great  and requires much time, energy and finances. We ask you to prayerfully consider collaborating with us through prayer and/ or financial support to equip Spanish speaking families, leaders and pastors from around the world with powerful tools that bring healing, restoration and transformation.

Your prayers and offerings are an invaluable way to collaborate with us for the kingdom of God.

Prayer is vitally important for wisdom, anointing, provision and protection. Please keep us in your prayers and if you are interested in subscribing to our newsletter to receive specific prayer points for intercessory prayer for us please click here.

The cost to edit, publish, translate, produce media and travel to equip and give resources to pastors, leaders and missionaries around the world is great. If God puts it on your heart to join us in our cause by giving a one time or monthly gift you can do so by clicking here.

Thank you for your support!